Philippe Pelletier has been gathering information of people working on the cinema industry for years as a hobby. He realized that people could be interested in his work and he could share it over the internet.

The website is a database of biographies and filmographies of actors, film directors. Some of them contains a gallery of photographies and film covers. There is a section dedicated to awards (Oscars, Césars ...).

There are two points that make the project unique:
Content is parsed from a Word Document. Philippe Pelletier had thousands of already written Word documents when he asked me to create the website. What he has to do is copy & paste from Word to a textbox. The parser analyzes the text and automatically adds italic, bold and color for filmographies.

Names in biographies are automatically linkified. In order to have a smooth navigation in the site, artists names in the biographies are transformed into links. This is working retroactively and without any special markup for the content manager.

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