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I was the only active developper on and since I was no longer working at Curse, they decided to restart a database project,, on the shiny Cobalt platform that powers SWOTR, Aion and Rift databases.

The release of Mist of Pandaria beta being close (less than 24 hours away) and the website without any CSS, I've been asked to come up with a design. 3 hours later, here's the result 🙂

As you can see, I borrowed a lot of design elements and CSS from the original MMO-Champion website. I really like the end result. Often database websites are on black backgrounds, making it with a light one gives a fresh look.


MMO-Champion uses countdown to make hype around certain events. I've had the pleasure to do two of them, one for each expansion.



That's my first one. The hardest part was to find a good font that doesn't suck with a big font-size. (Note: the times here are placeholders!)

Mist of Pandarian


As you can see, my Photoshop skills have improved a lot since the first one 🙂 I've been able to steal design elements from Blizzard website to make the artwork look better.

You can notice that each digit of numbers is absolutely positioned, therefore it doens't constantly move when the number changes.

I also use a Brawler, a custom Google Web Font and text-stroke to help with anti-aliasing.

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