Popularity System

In Starcraft 2, the Custom Maps are being listed by popularity. The popularity is the number of times the map has been played for more than 5 minutes during the last 12 hours.

As I am running the website sc2mapster.com, I would like to have this listing. This would let the players know what are the popular maps in the other regions (US, EU, KR ...) but also let them find quickly the maps they have played to leave comments!

Getting the list!

Bad news, the listing is only available inside the game. And with the anti-hack measures Blizzard is taking, this is not a viable solution to extract them from the client. So we have to find another solution!

Hopefully, there's one. Blizzard is updating a website called Battle.net with the profiles or every player. In the player profile there are his latest 24 games played.

Since we can't parse all the characters (there are more than 1.6 millions as I speak) we are going to parse as much as we can picking them randomly. And we just add +1 for the couple [Map, Date]. As a result for each map we get the an approximation of number of times it has been played.

As you can see there's a hole around September 9, this is a side-effect of the 24 latest played limit. The data has been gathered for 2 days between the 15 and 16. Before the 9 you can see all the casual players that don't play too often and who's 24 limit has not been reached. Between the 11 and 13 the frequent players and after the hardcore ones.

However those artifacts are likely to disappear with a constant spidering.

Does it match?

Now that we've got a lot of data, the question that everyone's waiting ... Does it match the popularity listing!

Calculated Popularity | Position Difference | Real Popularity

As you can see, the top 12 maps are the same with some small ordering differences. However since the order is constantly changing, that's not that a big issue.

In order to get those results about 30 000 players have been parsed and the top popular map Nexus Wars has 2200 points (Real popularity is about 6000). Instead of using the data from the last 12 hours we used the data from the current day and the day before (the granularity of Battle.net listing is 1 day).


It was really hard to know if this method was going to give similar results as the ingame popularity. The only way to make sure of it was to test! I've setup the website scladder.com (recycled domain name) to show the values. However, due to the number of requests needed, I am probably not going to keep the spider running for a long time.

I just showed you that it was possible to datamine websites in order to obtain useful statistics 🙂 I hope you like it!

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