World of Raids Guild Recruitment

Guild recruitment is a recurrent problem in World of Warcraft, many attempt have been made but none succedeed so far. After a brainstorming we decided that the following points were crucial.

  • The guild recruiter has to spend less time as possible to set-up a guild and maintain it.
  • The guild search must be easy and focus on what people expect from their guild.

With these points in mind, we had to find technical responses in order to make the World of Raids Guild Recruitment Tool.

  • What You See Is What You Get: The guild management interface is the final display, there is no intermediate step.
  • Tailored Widgets: About every widget has been heavily customized to fit the user need.
  • Automatic Save: Every time you make a change, it is automatically published and available to anyone!
  • Javascript Search: Having all the guilds fetched during the loading allows to have a complex filtering system instantly updated.

Guild Search

Looking for a guild should no more be a pain! You just have to tweak the filters and result appear sorted as you edit them! No more long page reload or even ajax requests. It is instant!

We focused hard on making filters one click away. We also took great care of the raid time filter, it is an important aspect of the guild choice that is too often avoided because of its complexity.

For more details on the optimizations made, see the post Guild Recruitement – Search Optimizations.

Guild Management

Our original goal was to be able to create a guild in less than a minute (yes, 60 seconds!) and we pretty much did it. The proof in the following video.

In order to achieve this, we opted for a Wysiwyg approach to remove the need of making two interfaces for both display and edition. Every widget has been tailored to fit the user needs. For example, as soon as you enter your name and realm, it automatically gathers your progression from the official website.

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