Copy SQL Row Changing ID

I've come across an SQL issue. I need to make a fake spell for the WoW database. However creating one from scratch is too annoying, there are like 30 non-NULL values to fill. Instead what I want is to copy an existing spell with the new id. It appeared to be less trivial than expected.

Working Solution

Let's say you want to copy the spell #1000 into the spell #12345. Here is the SQL command to do it:

  SELECT 12345 AS id, name, icon, /* ... fill all the column names */
  FROM spell
  WHERE id = 10000;

Trying to improve ...

It is really annoying to get the list of column names (You can get it using \d spell). What we would like to do is use the wildcard * like this:

-- This is not working!
  SELECT *, 12345 AS id
  FROM spell
  WHERE id = 10000;

The problem is that * also adds a column named id. Therefore there are two id columns ... Problem, now it no longer fits the spell structure.

What I need to make it work is to be able to remove a column from *. Here is something I'd like to write:

-- This is not working!
  SELECT * \ id, 12345 AS id
  FROM spell
  WHERE id = 10000;

I tried to simulate \ with JOIN, UNION but I couldn't get anything that works. If you have any idea, I'm really interested in!

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  • Hi! Maybe you could create a view, were you enumerate the different attributes, except for the ID. For example: "v_spells".

    Then you would do:
    INSERT INTO spell
    SELECT *
    FROM v_spell

    The problem with that is that in order to copy a specific spell, you would have to use another condition and not the ID itself.

    Also, it does not save you that much writing (as you have to write the field names in the view as well), but if you find yourself doing this a lot, then it will save you a little time.

  • Gem

    Okay I tried the following :

    create temporary table spell2 select * from spell where id=10000;
    update spell2 set id=12345;
    insert into spell select * from spell2;
    drop table spell2;

    And it seems to fill the purpose. spell2 can be dropped to continue statements or will be dropped if connexion is closed. Having to use another table seems the only way.


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